Mapping cannabis in Calgary: A location near you?

Beltline Cannabis Calgary owner Karen Barry is hoping to open her 12th Avenue S.W. store soon. She was photographed outside the store on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. GAVIN YOUNG/POSTMEDIA

Dozens of new cannabis stores are expected to open in the coming weeks across Alberta, with Calgary leading the way.

Although only two stores have opened in the city since recreational cannabis became legal on Oct. 17, eight more have been granted licenses from Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis. Edmonton has six licensed outlets; Hinton and Medicine Hat each have three. A total of 31 licenses have been granted across Alberta.

This map shows the locations of licensed retail outlets in Calgary, based on information from AGLC:

calgary cannabis lisence granted

The City of Calgary has posted a map on its website showing the status of hundreds of retail applications, many of them “pending appeal.” When the city approves or rejects an application, it kickstarts a 21-day period in which affected people, including the applicant, may file an appeal with Subdivision and Development.

When an appeal is filed, it will likely be heard within 30 days.

Once an approved applicant clears the appeal process, the city awards a “released development permit”, which allows it to proceed to the AGLC for a provincial license. Currently, about 80 applications in Calgary have been released to the AGLC.

Here is the City of Calgary map showing the status of applicants. Use the zoom in and out tools on the left to navigate the map.

Check back periodically to see the status of applicants, and if you can expect to see a shop opening near you.


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